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Little white lies: we all tell them. Sometimes they make life easier and the world a prettier place, other times they blow up in our face. When you’re in a relationship, honesty is important, but sometimes it is literally the worst policy.  Like, one time, I told my cat that I had tuna flavored Whiskas Temptations for him, but they were actually Seafood Medley. It was a very quiet and lonely 3 weeks until he got over it. But enough about the cats, we’re talking about those lies you tell the second most important individual in your life: the boyfriend.

Some of these lies are selfless, some of them are selfish, but I’m betting that you’ve been guilty of at least a few of them!

1. I’m almost ready

By now, you’ve got to know this one is a lie. It’s not an intentional one, but “five minutes” means 15.

2. I’m tired

Translation: I’m bloated and gassy and don’t really feeling like hanging out and farting on you all night.

2. I'm tired

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3. It was on sale

Often, this is technically not a lie, it’s just that we probably have different ideas of what a sale is. You might think that if it’s 50% off and under 40 dollars, it’s on sale. We consider “buy one Michael Kors tote at regular price and receive a free wristlet,” or “buy over $100 worth of Sephora products and get a $5 gift card” a bargain.

4. I was doing my makeup/hair/shaving my legs

Actually I was pooping, but don’t feel like disclosing this information to you.

4. I was doing my makeup/hair/shaving my legs

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