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A sense of fantasy, locked into a decrepit reality. Run away with photographer into a world of lucid escapism.

Stephanie Pearl love to photographing lost or abandoned places and create her dark vintage fantasy aesthetics, blended with conceptual photography techniques. She got inspired by nature and broken things.

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Oddments Of Destruction

Exploring demonic visuals with a victorian feel in an abandoned nurses quarters.

Wither And Wane

Stood on a broken stool in Summerlands mansion, an abandoned carehome.

A Web Of Wizen Dreams

A mystical creature caught in Shelobs web! I used an abandoned water mill for this one.


Broken pianos are my favourite! Taken in a huge abandoned asylum.


A captive in a somber world dreamt her imagination unfurled, to take her to another realm with elves and faeries and overwhelmed. She drew a door in the decaying wall, scraping with a piece of chalk. Taken at summerlands.

A Dark Secret

An old residential home, completely overtaken by ivy. I love how nature steps in to claim back its land.

His Windows Are Eyes

Broken windows make for a dramatic prop. Taken in an abandoned wooden house.

The Crumbling Presence Of Lost Allies

I love the open spaces in a cleared out home. The architecture can be used to its full potential.

Le Morte d’Arthur

Taken at Virginia Water ruins. The tragedy of a broken building can reflect the tragedy of the heart.

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