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If you are an Instagram noob, here’s a little introduction. Vijay Mallya might have been the King Of Good Times, but the man who actually owns the hashtag #TheGoodLife in real life is Dan Bilzerian. For people who do not know him, 36-year-old Dan, who lives in Los Angeles, is a son of a former corporate scamster. Before you wonder how he earns his grand living -and that’s putting it mildly – rest assured you will find it difficult to digest the fact that he makes shit loads of money from high-roller poker games and other questionable ventures.

Bilzerian’s life is one long party consisting of sex, guns and girls. Yes, guns! What do we common people do on regular days? Go to work, come back home, sleep and then go to work again, right? Dan’s regular day can be anything between heading off to Vegas on his private jet, cruising on his yacht with super models or sunbathing on the sands of the British Virgin Islands.

This guy’s life is so enviable that he has 16.3 million followers on Instagram. Let’s take a look at his opulent lifestyle:

 #1 This is how he ‘Netflix and chills’


#2 This guy gives ‘chilling on the beach’ a whole new definition

#3 Because there can never be ‘too much’ booze


#4 His cat has his own money castle!

#5 He has a gun vault


#6 If you thought the gun vault was just for decoration, you couldn’t be more wrong

#7 Well, he hangs out with Donald Trump


Recently, Mr. Bilzerian made a bet with his friend that he could bike 270 miles from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in just two days. Wait, there’s more to it. You’ve probably figured Dan doesn’t get time to exercise or train from his busy schedule of partying. Which means he might end up losing, right? Well, not exactly! The ‘King Of Instagram’ has Lance Armstrong to the rescue!


Don’t believe us? Here’s proof:

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