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After leaving Turkey, Uzerli announced that she had broken up with her boyfriend Can Ateş after learning that he had cheated on her.[29] She said that she was pregnant and she wanted to give birth to her child, whose father is Ateş.[30] On 10 February 2014, she gave birth to a girl named Lara.[31][32]

It was also rumored that Uzerli was in a relationship with her previous cast mate Ozan Güven, who played the role of Rüstem Pasha in Muhteşem Yüzyıl.[33] Uzerli later posted on her Facebook that the news about her relationship with Güven was not true.[34]

At the end of 2014, Uzerli received an invitation from a rich family to an event in the Middle East, offering her 500,000 euros to attend a special dinner. She replied to them: “I don’t usually accept such invitations, but if you donate the money to three Turkish associations working for children in need, I will come.” The event’s hosts replied: “Then we will pay more money.” She attended this dinner in December 2014.[9]

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