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If you are familiar with the WWE you know, every fighter comes to the ring in style. The entrance is part of the show and it creates excitement from the audience.  But what happens when you try to be badass and cocky but ended up losing the fight in the most embarrassing way possible? That’s what happened to this fighter.

 Jason Solomon is an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter from Delhi. He has his own Rap song for his entrance, a team of girls to flirt with and some bros to support him. He is the ultimate show off and tries to be a tough guy. But unfortunately, he was knocked off in 9 seconds. He even makes this little “in your face” move as he’s entering the ring.
Of course, if you are show off and try to be a badass fighter you better be backed up by an even more badass performance in the ring. There is nothing more embarrassing than losing the fight in the most humiliating way possible after putting on such a cocky entrance.
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