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Suniel Shetty is still the same endearing and convincing face you saw a few years back, however, the body beneath has undergone a transformation that will leave your jaws dropped! After a hiatus of three long years, Suniel is gearing up for his TV debut for a reality show and if pictures are anything to go by–he is going to be back with a bang!

The 55-year-old is not only pushing boundaries as a performer with the upcoming show, ‘India’s Asli Champions…Hai Dum’, but is also flaunting a physique, boys half his age can only dream off! 

Cheggit out here. 

1. All beefed up!

2. WOW

18094872_1971417903144452_4477620714521755648_n.jpg (1080×720)

3. Stretching and how!

18013203_141333019737172_3884943561573007360_n.jpg (640×799)

4. Grey sexy hair to top it!

17934704_1875370476085803_1363495728130818048_n.jpg (750×937)

5. Not flaunting, are we?

18011261_291659431275400_7386427701315239936_n.jpg (640×640)

6. But the sirens are already hooting! 

18013623_209824616176614_8914161428361904128_n.jpg (640×640)

7. Muscle monster!

18095420_1396556527068907_2146354922004676608_n.jpg (750×937)

8. With all the SWAG there is!

18096501_125871474625469_5595745944579604480_n.jpg (750×937)

9. Did I say he is 55?! *rubbing my eyes*

17662966_1861511230736104_6638831752309637120_n.jpg (640×799)

10. Boy, oh boy! 

17933847_1329111003849995_6240185592408178688_n.jpg (750×499)

Like B-town wasn’t enough, now even Tinseltown boys have to watch out too! Also, take a bow Suniel, take a bow!

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