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“I prefer more of an abandoned or run down look,” she told us. “A lot of my town just looks like that anyhow, so it wasn’t hard to make that a part of my style.” How does she choose her models? “Most of my models are my friends and sometimes when someone has a specific look I’m aiming for, I’ll reach out to them,” she explained. Location is normally the last thing I worry about.”

So there you go, budding photographers, the old adage ‘location, location, location’ doesn’t hold water here. You don’t need to travel to exotic places to get amazing shots, your own town, a decent camera and a creative mind is all it takes!

Scroll down to see some of Kelsey’s work, and let us know what you think in the comments!

More info: Behance | Instagram | Twitter (h/t)

22-year-old photographer Kelsey Maggert can make gorgeous photos even in the ‘ugliest’ locations

For example, a gas station is not usually what springs to mind for a photoshoot location

Or a brick wall

Christmas tree sale

Front yard

Convenience store


Abandoned house


Car wash

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