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Fanni and Norbert have found a brilliant way to make the most out of their time under the corona virus lockdown.

The couple from Hungary have been recreating famous movies. From memorable scenes to captivating posters, you name it, Fanni and Norbert have been tackling it all. Their low-budget production designs might not be as lavish as the ones created in rich Hollywood studios, but they’re definitely more creative. And considering that nowadays it isn’t easy to go to a shop and grab a prop, their efforts are even more admirable.

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“Norbi and I are performers and entertainers. We mostly work with events, so the pandemic has interfered with our plans a lot,” Fanni told

However, the couple wanted to do their best and try to find some positivity during these difficult times. “I am a huge movie buff and Norbi loves movies from the ’70s and ’80s, so our love for the craft is what inspired this series. When we were still at university, we loved dressing up whenever we had the chance so thanks to those days, we have had a lot of accessories and costumes.”

Men In Black

Also, one of Norbert’s gigs is being a Red Nose Clown Doctor, which means he visits sick kids in hospitals to cheer them up a little. Nowadays, because of the coronavirus, he’s only able to do online ‘visits’. Therefore, the couple had to stock up on supplies that would allow him to continue working from home, which also has helped their fun quarantine project.

“We mainly choose themes for the series based on which setting we can pull off and which is relatable to the topic of quarantine in general,” Fanni added. “We have been thinking about something like this for quite some time but now we finally have plenty of time to make it happen.”

The Shining

Fanni said she and Norbert are managing fine during the quarantine. “Luckily, we have many interesting things to occupy ourselves with, for example, creating online content, sewing facemasks, learning languages, cleaning the house, and just generally planning for the future. Even though it’s a bit more difficult than usual, we always keep in mind that we have to be flexible in these extreme situations and we have to look for new possibilities. Maintaining our creativity aside, our main goal is to put a smile on people’s faces during these hard times.”

Wreck It Ralph
Charlie Chaplin
Fight Club
Iron Man
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Indiana Jones
Pulp Fiction
First Blood
Brokeback Mountain

Love Actually
Forrest Gump
Shawshank Redemption

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