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Given our fear of creepy-crawlies, hugging a reptile might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But the video of a caretaker at the Reptile Zoo in California as she gets a tight, affectionate hug from a giant reptile, aptly named Darth Gator, has caught the internet’s attention.

The young woman first introduces Darth Gator to the viewers and says that she has been his friend for its entire lifespan. “When I went to hold him, he said NOPE!” said the woman while lying beneath the crocodile. The gator then crawls to the side, and the woman finds out that it has urinated. She laughs out loud and says, “Oh dear lord! What has happened.”

Reptile Zoo’s Instagram post said, “Sometimes I hug Darth Gator 🐊 he is our alligator ambassador 🤣 did you know that Darth is an invasive species in California where the Zoo is which is why they’re illegal as pets.” The Instagram post of the American reptile park has garnered over 1,20,000 likes.

Shocked to see the video, an Instagram user Tlamb37 asked, “Is this a very tamed alligator? I didn’t know that you can be around Gators without them eating you up. I don’t understand. Please respond please please God bless in your line of work.”

Another user, Celebrated Living Daily said, “Gross!!! I think he peed.” Tfmas, a user commented, “Don’t try this at home.”

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